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Re: Lightroom auto white balance

ggbutcher wrote:

Joachim B wrote:

OK guys, there is a lot of theoretical stuff to talk about, but so far none of you have produced a picture that has a, in you opinion, faulty WB. Or a comparison between programs.

So there is no way to determine what is wrong or right, nothing objective to go on.

...better white balanced to my eye

Original question was about Lightroom, and from another OP, but OK, let's run with this. In both images, what do the numbers say? Do the grays in one of the pictures have equal R, G and B values (making them true gray)? And is that what we would define as 'correct'?

Considering this picture has a really overcast sky and no direct sunlight, I would expect a bit of a blue cast. So instead of going with auto WB (regardless if made up by the camera or an other program/computer), I would go for a bit of a blue cast instead of true midpoint gray general WB.

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