Nikon d700 vs. d610 vs. d750 vs. Df?

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Re: Nikon d700 vs. d610 vs. d750 vs. Df?

anotherrich wrote:

I enjoyed my D700 very much but eventually upgraded to the even more enjoyable Df. Beyond the updated technology and increased resolution, the Df's lighter weight was especially appealing.


In my case the lighter weight and the overall "plasticy" feel of the Df is why I prefer the D700. The Df ergonomics don't measure up either. . . I was expecting something along the lines of the Nikon film SLRs the Df resembles, especially considering the cost of a new camera.

When I was considering the Df 4 years ago the used price was around $2000. I opted for a mint+ D700 with less than 5000 clicks for around $800. Even at today's more reasonable used prices for the Df, I would go with a D700, which has also gotten cheaper. The 12mp sensor is fine for my needs now that I am retired and shooting strictly for fun.  One reason I've used OpTech straps for 30+ years is the perceived weight of the camera is  noticeably less.

"To each their own" certainly applies to cameras. . .  

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