RF 100-500mm multiple lens crack - Roger C

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Re: RF 100-500mm multiple lens crack - Roger C

bernie r wrote:

Well, I'm glad I never bought this lens...

I am glad that I first  got a cheaper gray market and sold it as I had great experiences with the ef100-400 starting several year before an R5 got into my hands plus I was motivated for the lens you list Rf28-70 in your post and needed some cash to cover my butt with the Ms.

Looking back, that lens could have been one of those "first runs" with defects. Plus gray market meantt no USA warranty.     So....better lucky than smart.

In any event , the Rf 28-70mm is great and worth every penny that i paid a few months back while the supplies were more  plentiful.

But seeing people on Ebay asking 3k, 4k and 5k for it, with auctions going over 3.2k for it,  I  am tempted to sell it for a profit and wait till the supply is no longer so limited.

Or probably not.

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