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Joachim B wrote:

OK guys, there is a lot of theoretical stuff to talk about, but so far none of you have produced a picture that has a, in you opinion, faulty WB. Or a comparison between programs.

So there is no way to determine what is wrong or right, nothing objective to go on.


This doesn't work for all images, only those that have good mid- and/or upper-end representation in the histogram.  In this screenshot, note the middle of the histogram, how the three channel peaks are roughly offset, blue > green, red < green.  Particularly blue and note the bluish cast on the displayed image:

Note the blue multiplier, 1.316, that's from the camera auto whitebalance, communicated in the metadata.  In this next screenshot, note the new number, the position of the blue peak, and the revised cast of the image:

The color cast might be hard to see on this web page, but I Testify Before All That Is Good that the image with the 1.216 blue multiplier is more-better white balanced to my eye than the one with the as-shot 1.316 blue multiplier.

This is not an absolute, but images with good tonal range can easily exhibit their color casts in the shift of upper peaks in the histogram.

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