Confused... recommendation highly appreciated!

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Re: Confused... recommendation highly appreciated!

Catscratch1 wrote:

Krusty79 wrote:

At that price point, you'll be looking at the bridge cameras that do not have interchangeable lenses. Unfortunately, these cameras do not perform well in dim light. The lenses alone for what you want are higher than your budget.

Awesome! This is pointing me in a direction.

I don't need to change lenses. That isn't a worry. I am worried about low light and magnification. I'm starting to think there is nothing I can do about it and will just have to deal with low light. I thought my research was pointing towards maybe a FZ300 (or similar) and cropping, instead of the longer zoom to help with the low light. Maybe I've read that wrong though.

Fundamentally, the rule is "Sunny 16". 1/100 at f/16 ISO 100 at high noon in the sun on Full Frame where a 1-inch sensor (or 1/2.3" sensor) isn't that.

You can trade stops for a smaller sensor, lower light, or for compromises on any of those numbers.

If you're shooting 600mm f/4 ($10K+ lens FYI, though the 200-600 on Sony is only $2K) on an FF camera with excellent focus tracking and Eye-AF (Yay, that's another $2-5K), that gives you 4 stops to play with. Since your subject is a living creature, that means very high shutter speeds, which is going to be at least 2 of those (1/400?).

And if you're in the box canyon or it's closer to sunset, that's *at least* another 2-3 in lost light from being in the shade.

I don't think you *can* take the picture you're trying to take for any amount of money, but definitely not on that budget. You have 4 stops to play with, and something somewhere is going to take away at least 6.

Edit: OTOH, a 200/2.8 makes for much easier math, and thank you someone for checking that.

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