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Re: Lightroom auto white balance

JoachimStrobel wrote:

Or is color space irrelevant for the WP?

White Point is (somewhat) independent of color space. You can use the D65 Illuminant for sRGB, AdobeRGB, ProPhoto, or whatever workflow.

If you are color managing your workflow, as I understand it, you really need to have different profiles for each light source-- daylight, electronic flash, tungsten, etc... For each of these, establishing white balance is an important first step.

WB in raw files is metadata. I don't think the WB is actually used to tweak the gains of the amplifiers upstream of the A/D conversion into the raw data.

Ultimately, WB becomes an artistic choice for photographers and filmmakers. If you are working on interior scenes, what is white?

Reference the gorgeous interior shots in "Barry Lyndon", lit with candlelight, using the famous Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/0.7. I'm not going to second guess Stanley Kubrick on his choice of white balance...

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