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dj_paige wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

The algorithm used by various camera companies is much better than the one in Lightroom, but why is that?

That's a question that no one here can answer ... why does the algorithm perform that way? No one here programmed Lightroom Classic, no one here designed Lightroom Classic, no one here sets the priorities for Lightroom Classic.

Could Adobe do better? Sure. Do they put effort into it? I have no idea.

But I think it is true that when it comes to color rendition, the camera manufacturer's software generally performs better than Lightroom Classic/ACR. The camera manufacturer's can tailor their software to produce "better" colors because they know the guts of the hardware and software and are able to make them work together. Adobe doesn't have that luxury.

Yes I think you're on the right track. I believe that the design of Canon's exposure algorithms are refined by testing them on a database of thousands of images and they probably do something similar when designing the algorithm for white balance. The advantage that Canon, or any other camera manufacturer, would have over Adobe would not be the database of images since Adobe probably does something similar, but rather their knowledge of their own hardware, specifically of their sensors.

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