Histogram issue in DxO Photolab

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Re: Histogram issue in DxO Photolab

Kaj E wrote:

petrvv wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

First thing would be to press the triangular sign on PS histogram.

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunatelly this doesn't help and the clipping is still there.

I found that when I export to jpg and display the jpg in DxO, the shadows are clipped too.

Histogram of RAW in DxO:

Histogram of exported JPG in DxO with clipped shadows:

And this is the export dialog (ICC set to Original):

The jpg doesn't look darker than the RAW file, at least at first sight and when randomly checking RGB values of dark areas with the color picker. Both viewed in DxO.

Any ideas why this happens?

I do not use DxO PL. Tried it once but discarded it because of this glitch. When you export an image from RAW it does what it calls something like "realistic colors" Which among other actions includes clipping blacks and also frequently changing the rest of the tonal distribution.. This does not allow you to leave some room for soft proofing and editing for specific output media.

I hate software that does automatic changes that I do not have control over. I want to decide what my images should look like.

Interesting. What version of DXO-Photolab was this and were you assigning an ICC profile during export? I normally use C1 but don't see this behaviour with DXO and also where are "realistic colours" in DXO?


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