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Re: RF 100-500mm multiple lens crack - Roger C

"Sensitive equipment" reminds me of when I told my story of the crash landing of my 24-70mm f2.8 original version. Careless abuse? Sorry while I agree with you about the rf 24-240mm, I think sensitive is not a term applicable here.

In my opinion, lens intended for the field, for journalism, or pro use or everyday use should be built tough.

I tried to point to reporters and how they use their equipment without much success.

Then I just noticed the photo of Biden's photographer in the article from about two months ago on Dpreview.

Three cameras with lens attached, slung around his neck for instant use. No lens cap or filter on the front camera lens shown in the photo.

Maybe or maybe not a lens filters on the others. An extra lens somewhere.

Shooting thousands of shots, elbow to elbow with others during pressers.


Seems he is doing what AP now requires, shooting Sony?

Or is it Sony perceived tougher? I am an old Canon shooter. Been like that all my life. Never thought they were delicate except for the coatings on the front element.

But any lens ought not to be sensitive and delicate but rough and tuff is my opinion.


While I now think it seems to be some sort of individual flaw in the glass or how that particular glass was placed in the mount, rather than just bouncing around because the lens could no longer be parked, I still don't know for certain.

But at this price of nearly 3k, one should expect tough pro-grade construction.

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