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Re: Confused with calibration

matt_matt_matthew wrote:

Thanks for all the info it's much appreciated. Still can't seem to get a correct looking calibration on the Air after checking all the options are what they should be.

I can't see it being that the Air 'factory calibration' is so far off that in fact the new calibration that looks so wrong to my eyes is in fact correct, because when i edit an image with the new calibration and then transfer that image to my phone or tablet it just looks horrendous and nothing like what it's supposed to be. Which would mean the majority of people browsing my prints online would be seeing an image nothing like the hard print.

I understand that the Air screen really isn't a good choice for editing but i'm happy with 'hard proofing' if i cant get the calibration correct for just now until i get a decent external monitor.

Let's try this - I'll put on a quick "tech support" hat. Send me an email at and we can go back and forth a little to see what's going on.

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