Sample gallery from my Z24-70 F/4 S, my new favorite walk around lens!

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Brueghel wrote:

Thank you very much for your post.

If I understand you right, the 24-70 F4 S is kind of an overkill on the Z50. Not so on the sensors of its larger cousins (at least the Z7) in the unlikely case one uses a DX lens on the Z7

I love the 16-80 but it is not light ans small. If you add the FTZ the result is kind of strange (one of the reasons I bought this camera was its size, but I lose this advantage quickly )))

In my context, the only times when I am acutely aware of AF perfomance are when I have the chance to see neat birds. And then I am normally using the only piece of hardware I ever fell in love with (the 300mm PF F4).

In any case, thanks again. Very useful info.


PS: I perfectly realized that he did not really answer my question. But I appreciate people who take the time to answer, even if imperfectly

I never used a 16-80mm but I'm gonna say while the FTZ doesn't seem to affect the IQ, I'm yet to come across a single adapted lens that focuses as fast it as accurately as native Z glass, particularly in low light. That includes the 24-70 F/2.8, which costs several times as much, and works pretty much the same in good lighting, but trails a good distance behind in low light. Dunno if I posted that in this thread before, but using Nikon's animal eye tracking AF, I was able to lock onto a dog that was moving non-stop at night, and get a tack sharp image at F/6.3. I'm yet to encounter an adapted lens that can do the same.

It doesn't come as a surprise to me tbh, the FTZ is designed so that adapted lenses sit at more or less the same distance from sensor as they would've in an F Mount camera making IQ for the same lens nearly identical whether it's sitting on a F or Z mount, but the F mount lenses weren't built with the new AF systems in Nikon's mirrorless cameras in mind, unlike the Z lenses which are built to work with it and take full advantage of it. Backwards compatibility can only do so much.

Now whether or not that'll matter depends on your needs, if you don't shoot much in low light, especially if you don't shoot moving objects in low light, you might not care. However, while I do believe in overkill bodies, I don't believe in overkill lenses tbh, I'll prefer to buy the best lens that I can afford. Still, if you don't plan on making the jump up FF in the foreseeable future, then you could arguably call any FX lens "overkill". Again, that's up to you.

Just my 0.02

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