Xpro2 to Xpro3 R.O.I. experience

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A few thoughts from a former serial upgrader

Trying to apply the notion of ROI, which is a measurable quantity, against the experience of using two cameras is a bit of a stretch. The simpler question is whether the newer model has enough advantages (IQ, handling, feel... take your choice of criteria) to justify purchasing the newer model. Or, if you already own an X-Pro2, the decision will revolve around whether the upgrade is worth the depreciation loss on the trade-in and higher cost of the newer replacement.

All that comes down to all the things that people look at when considering an upgrade (handling, IQ improvements, new features, etc.). If the upgrade ticks enough boxes for you, and the cost is manageable or "worth it" to you, then yes, there's sufficient "ROI" to justify the move. For years, I more or less blindly upgraded cameras when the new models came out. That was due to the fact that the differences between models back then were a bit more dramatic and I was able to justify the cost (including depreciation loss on the older model) and afford the upgrade. These days, as a retiree, the bar is raised a bit, and I've skipped a number of models along the way waiting for something that offers sufficient improvements to enable me to justify the move. In my case, I'm hoping the X-H2, when introduced, will accomplish that.

So, that exact dynamic applies here as well. One needs to look at the differences between the models, assess the value of the old camera, and decide whether the upgrade cost and model to model improvements justifies the expense. If you line up 5 photographers, I'm going to guess that you might get 5 completely different approaches and little agreement on the decision.

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