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JoachimStrobel wrote:

So I read on the Web:

„If this white point is placed correctly, it should ensure that all colors and grayscale within the gamut are accurately reproduced.„

That implies that the WP is gamut specific. Does that mean, that the WP for a photo displayed with a AdobeRGB gamut (I.e. ICC set to AdobeRGB) will be different to a WB working in sRGB?

Would that imply that my camera‘s auto WB behaves differently depending on the selected JPEG color space even when shooting in Raw only? But for the EVF and screen it will always display an sRGB WP?

White balance is a gut-wrenching shift of the hues to make things that are supposed to be white, look 'white', we are compelled to do so by the differences in color temperature of the scene's illuminants.  Once that's done, the crunch-down transform of the camera-oriented hues to a small colorspace like sRGB is about preserving the camera hues and making extreme hues look okay in that small colorspace.

Given that, white balance is an 'a-priori' operation to the color transform; it needs to be done first to make hues we want to preserve in the color transform, and won't be different based on the color transform.

Once the white balance is applied, any color transform, even for the EVF and screen, is about preserving the same hues you'll see in any other rendition medium.  Now, the camera might have different sRGB color primaries than LR or other software, but that's a different topic altogether... 

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