Sample gallery from my Z24-70 F/4 S, my new favorite walk around lens!

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Brueghel wrote:

Qbalion wrote:

Brueghel wrote:

I love the 16-80 but it is not light ans small. If you add the FTZ the result is kind of strange (one of the reasons I bought this camera was its size, but I lose this advantage quickly )))

I share your opinion about the lost weight/size advantage of Z50 when using f-lens with FTZ. Nevertheless, I decided to go for an even bulkier lens - Sigma 17-50 f/2.8. I just assumed I will use such a heavy combo mostly indoors/studio with lower light and without the disadvantage of carrying it that much. When outdoors I try to leave it at home and using just 2 kit lenses + sometimes my Z 50mm prime.

I like such an alternative more than just one medium-size lens with APS-C body - for example Fuji + 18-55 which is still too big to put into the pocket.

Still I am waiting for Nikon or some 3rd party to release a nice native Z-mount universal zoom and UWA zoom. With primes, there is already compact 28mm and 40mm on the Nikkor Z roadmap. I'd like to get rid of FTZ very much but I can wait a year or so:-)

I "complain" a lot (on DPR) about the conundrum Nikon has created with the Z50. But it is partly overblown: I can wait a bit more for a larger choice of APS-C Z-lenses

It is OK for me to wait because I currently started to participate in a photography course to improve my skills and also to better understand what do I really like to shoot and are able to shoot with good outcome ;-). During the year Nikon and third party will most probably announce their DX stuff - bodies and lenses.

So the autumn '21 will be far better moment for me to decide if to stay with DX or to jump to FX or maybe to stay with both: DX for long-range outdoors and adventure trips and FX for indoors/studio where faster and heavier stuff doesn't bother but rewards with shallower DoF and better IQ in low light.

Just need to keep being patient

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