LaCie 1big dock Thunderbolt 8Tb desktop storage?

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Re: LaCie 1big dock Thunderbolt 8Tb desktop storage?

mujana wrote:

Great news...I could even buy myself a 14Tb external then (G-Technology usb-c WD Red inside)...or maybe a 10Tb LaCie d2 Professional (usb-c with a IronWolf Pro inside...5 years warranty + 2 years data recovery).

Saves me money (or I can buy extra storage for the same money)

Yes. The LaCie device you have functions as a dock (hence the name) that happens to include a not-that-fast-compared-to-SSD drive inside. The dock functionality is probably most of its value.

And if you need a 14TBish drive look at the WD Easystore drives sold exclusively at BestBuy. PC buyers frequently buy them for shucking (extracting the internal drive for use in their builds) because they very often contain much higher grade drives than one would expect by the cheap price, often server-grade internals. It does vary, but I find them great for backup since the price is so low I can afford more of them. And so far the cases have held up well too.

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