200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

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Re: 200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

On a tripod the 200-400 had easily the most precise manual focus of any Nikon lens I have used - close to the standard of using focus peaking on a ML body.

Digressing to focus peaking (unknown when the thread started) - it is a measure of acutance on the short edge of the frame - not necessarily the same of sharpness in the available depth of field. My advice is never use more than 1 as a setting and if working from a good tripod zoom in to 50/100/200% (your choice) to confirm focus is exactly where you want it.

I used a tripod for landscapes back when I was using view cameras, or trying to get the flags on greens in focus from >150 yards away. It was hit or miss back then, as I was using a D2X and don't think I even knew what fine tuning was, of if that feature worked on that body. It wasn't until the 800s came along I started understanding bad-focus, etc., and honestly still don't aim at a card just handhold and sheet at tree bark, making adjustments on the fly. It has worked but hardly precise.

I'm shooting for this: https://769c0729.flowpaper.com/SFGseptdec2020V7/#page=1

I apologize some ere have told me the flip book sticks. (Don't try this on your iPhone or mobile it's mostly double truck images.) Not every photo in it is mine. I share space with others whenever I can get anything from anyone else. A gardener is there at 4am daily and has an iPhone 11 Pro and gets some super shots with it. I just dropped my 6S+ and smashed it, so now have a 12 Pro Max and am excited to have that tool.

Here I think I'musing a D3500 @ 300mm with my 70-300 AF-S as the ball is going into the hole. I was up on a hill behind the green maybe 60 yards away. This is "close" to my subject.

300mm on the 70-300 again. Same day, almost same exact location (I think I might have snuck this through some bushes, sun must have darted behind a cloud.) I use the D3500 as I think it gives me better results than my D810 in DX mode, but more importantly I can keep my 24-70 on the D810 for wide shots.

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