Are camera makers' proprietary raw convertors "better"?

Started Jan 10, 2021 | Questions thread
Karl Persson Regular Member • Posts: 246
Re: Maybe not

Doug Haag wrote:

Same image, but different histograms. Which is exactly the point. We are no longer looking at or measuring original raw data. This is a different, post-conversion data set that represents colorimetric rgb data and not raw data. Although I use NX-D, I kind of prefer the DXO conversion. And it is clear that both the DXO and ACR default conversion have done something to the dynamic range of the data that NX-D does not do (expanded it in the direction of full dynamic range). At least that's how I interpret the results.

Well of course we are not measuring raw data, that is the point of conversion, isn´t it?

I´m not sure what you mean by ACR and DxO "doing something to the dynamic range", I think NX-D just uses less contrast.

As I said, these are default settings conversions, not necessarily the best ones.

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