Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

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Re: Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

LillyRoseAvalos wrote:

Bokeh has been the bane of my existence ever since I jumped from a small 1/2.3 sensor to micro four thirds and later aps c.

Don't confuse bokeh - the nature or quality of blur - with blur itself and how much of it there is.

Today is the day I mastered the blur! All with the help of some manual focus. Its so satisfying piecing it together. And I can think of soo many different ways that I can use this creatively it boggles my mind.

I used a battery as a reference this made it easier to see which pearls were in focus. and that is what I focused on throughout. I don't believe there is any misaligned focus so any difference in sharpness is because of me stopping down.

This was also a very good test of the sharpness of my 12 60 lens at different f stops

Fyi these are all cropped but the camera has not changed position.

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