Lenses for M6 mark II wide end

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Re: Lenses for M6 mark II wide end

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I ended up buying the 22mm f/2 and the first tests are very promising. I have a project in which I need to shoot indoors with shutters faster than 1/500 so my primes are the only way to go.

I guess maybe later I'll be considering the ef-m 11 - 22mm but it is going to be choosing in between that and my ef-m 18 - 150mm as 5 lenses is enough to carry.

I love using the 22mm f2, it’s the most versatile out of all the EFM lens imo especially if you’re looking to have some bokeh.

I enjoyed using 11-22mm as well for my UWA needs.

However, I’ve had a bad experience with the 11-22mm as mine died even though I would still consider it 10/10 condition. If anyone does a quick Google search, you’d find a number of people facing similar lens errors and communication issues with the 11-22mm. While most people would treat it as an uncommon problem, I haven’t seen such reports from the other EFM lenses.

I too had a similar problem with the 11-22.  I sent it to Canon and they ended up sending me another one (for a price).  Second one has worked perfectly so far.

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