Unable to save a URL from Safari

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Re: Unable to save a URL from Safari

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I tried to save a URL from within Google and elsewhere and it won't work. Rather than a https:// full link, I see a concealed link or a very long line of text.

For example searching for "flower pots" appear like this instead of the URL:

Flower pots & planters - IKEAhttps://www.ikea.com › Products › Decoration

One of the links I had previously saved now redirects to another link and I wanted the full URL: [ https://www.chelseagreen.com/product/the-soul-of-soil/ ]

That's Google. All their URLs returned in search results are obfuscated with Google analytics. You will have to visit the web page to copy its bonafide URL. This is why I use StartPage as my default search engine.

Sorry, but I'm unclear what you're trying to do. Safari doesn't have a "Save URL" command. The URLs are there just hidden in text.

Isn't that what right-click Copy Link does?

BTW, what are the advantages of using Safari?

Safari and Firefox were the browsers which were colour managed. I haven't kept up with the new browser developments.

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