SL2 - how to turn peaking off when reviewing

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Re: SL2 - how to turn peaking off when reviewing

SydLow wrote:

Daniel from Bavaria wrote:

Just press the FN-button to run through the different modi. Works also in the taking picture mode.

That's what I'm doing now, have configured my display modes. But it's a nuisance.

Not sure why you'd want to see peaking when reviewing an image, peaking was designed to assist focus in taking the photo.

... or just to determine if you were using focus peaking correctly while taking the photo.

and btw: Focus Peaking is used in many post processing applications to check what was stored after the take, so it is "not only there" for taking assistance during your shot.

Why do you think, Leica embedded this feature as a 2 purpose mean?
Having it to check your focus and check the result directly inside the camera?
Why do you think that you are able to switch this feature off either way during taking the picture and display it afterwards?

If you are able to check if you "got the point" on-site you can directly redo it, instead of being disappointed when editing your pictures afterwards and detect, that you did not "peak it".

Never ever rely only on input but use the means that are given to you to check your intermediate output.

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