Sample gallery from my Z24-70 F/4 S, my new favorite walk around lens!

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Qbalion wrote:

Brueghel wrote:

Thank you very much for your post.

If I understand you right, the 24-70 F4 S is kind of an overkill on the Z50. Not so on the sensors of its larger cousins (at least the Z7) in the unlikely case one uses a DX lens on the Z7

I love the 16-80 but it is not light ans small. If you add the FTZ the result is kind of strange (one of the reasons I bought this camera was its size, but I lose this advantage quickly )))

I share your opinion about the lost weight/size advantage of Z50 when using f-lens with FTZ. Nevertheless, I decided to go for an even bulkier lens - Sigma 17-50 f/2.8. I just assumed I will use such a heavy combo mostly indoors/studio with lower light and without the disadvantage of carrying it that much. When outdoors I try to leave it at home and using just 2 kit lenses + sometimes my Z 50mm prime.

I like such an alternative more than just one medium-size lens with APS-C body - for example Fuji + 18-55 which is still too big to put into the pocket.

Still I am waiting for Nikon or some 3rd party to release a nice native Z-mount universal zoom and UWA zoom. With primes, there is already compact 28mm and 40mm on the Nikkor Z roadmap. I'd like to get rid of FTZ very much but I can wait a year or so:-)

I "complain" a lot (on DPR) about the conundrum Nikon has created with the Z50. But it is partly overblown: I can wait a bit more for a larger choice of APS-C Z-lenses

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