Sample gallery from my Z24-70 F/4 S, my new favorite walk around lens!

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Not really...

The 24-70 is not overkill, it is more limited on the z50 than the 16-80. On the Z7, the 24-70 let’s one use the full benefit of the larger sensor, albeit with limited range. However, having used it extensively on the Z7, I would always prefer the 2.8s version, or a prime - the kit lens is a great kit lens, but at the end of the day, it still is a kit lens. But as the op showed - you can get very good pics using it with proper technique with still subjects.

If af performance is important to you, let me suggest a Z6/Z7, or the ii versions of each, with your 300mm lens. Useful as the z50 may be, it is not in the same AF class, by far, as its semipro ff z big brothers. Something Clint E .said about knowing one’s limits...

In summary, I’m not sure what you would gain by spending money on a 24-70 4.0 s for your z50. I also believe that you would get greater satisfaction with your beloved 300mm lens on a larger z body with better af, and ibis for that matter. Your d7100 is probably more responsive, but less accurate, than the z50 with the 300mm. For af response, it is tough to beat the dslr’s compared to mirrorless, however you take a large step up in mirrorless response by going to the single digit z’s.

again, good luck!

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