Just ranting for reading.

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Just ranting for reading.

This is a list of troubles I have, besides the sensor, with the P1000. Advice is greatly welcome, as always.

This may be more entertaining than educational, allow me to rant.

First off, I knew why I was buying this camera and made my choice after comparing to the Lumix.

1. I am so disappointed in the control ring for manual focusing. It requires a complete rotation to go through the whole focal length. This requires repositioning of your hand which is also supporting the camera weight. Combined with the resistance of the ring, which is too light , makes manual focus with the ring way too distracting for subject targeting.

2. The built in stereo microphone, (channel separation in question), was a requirement for me while making my comparisons and I have noticed one thing that is nearly as annoying as scratching nails on a chalk board. That is the microphones amazing ability to amplify every sound the photographer makes including, breathing, button presses, position changes, feet shuffling, drinking, and nearly every other bodily function humanly possible with the exception of eye blinking and thinking. Not to mention the horrendous noise of the zoom motor. There is no sensitivity setting for the internal mic. Fail!!! (External mic required for lack of user interface function)? uhg.

3. Wifi and Bluetooth. These features are non existent without the use of the DRAMATIC connectivity through the Snapbridge app for which I can find only 3 useful and redundant functions, remote view, remote shutter, and perhaps the most useful, Auto Save to "smart-device". There is no direct share feature available for friends. I will not even comment on the remote zoom. That maybe a comment.

As a novice photographer I still understand the concept of usability vs professional requirements in any camera.

The functions in question which I have listed may seem trivial at first but I have specifically chosen these fallbacks based on software ability which can be easily rectified by programming of Nikon software (updates), which is obviously capable as proven on other platforms and has seemingly been purposefully omitted from this models U.I.

In the obviously same user interface, the fully functional Nikon lines of "DSLR" cameras have none of these issues.

This may be a gripe for a lesser price tag of a reputable name, but let's face it, even your flagships aren't EOS's.

Give consumers the grade we deserve if you do not want to insult us, Nikon.

This is a comparatively small list of issues which I have vs. the enormous capability of the P1000, and maybe not so problematic for many. My point was that this is a controlled capability of the camera which I personally have many more good things to say about it than not. The list of preferences for me is much longer than my complaints. I just can only imagine how much more this camera can be, and I would urge Nikon to listen.

Thanks for reading this far.

Just a Rant.

Nikon Coolpix P1000
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