E-M1 Mark II: residual software issues ?

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Re: E-M1 Mark II: residual software issues ?

mchnz wrote:

Things that have made my Olympus cameras misbehave:

  • Faulty body - the fix was a warranty replacement (E-M1 II) or service (E-M5 II, E-520).
  • Bad SDcard - the fix was formatting in camera or replacing.
  • Bad lens contacts - the fix was cleaning the contacts (normal lenses) or more sanding (some cheap extension tubes). This problem is even more likely if there is a lens adapter or teleconverter in the mix.
  • Changing lenses without powering down - the fix is toggling the power or in some cases removing the battery.
  • Bad battery contacts - theoretical issue only, I'm still waiting to be bitten by this one.

I’ve never had a problem with the E-M1 II triggered by or associated with taking a picture, so I doubt that the SD card is the cause. Besides, I’ve never used any high speed SDs (never felt a need to waste money in them) and I’ve only ever formatted or deleted images from the SD in-camera.

On the rare occasion I’ve neglected to de-power  when changing lenses I’ve not seen a problem.

In this latest case the camera appeared fully functional apart from the Menu button.

on a previous occasion the camera would’nt let me change drive modes.

Every time it’s happened I’ve been in a hurry to get the camera working, so I’ve just switched it off or removed the batteries. Next time I’ll try to spend more time investigating the issue.

thanks for your input


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