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Re: RF 100-500mm multiple lens crack - Roger C

ProDude wrote:

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Here’s a direct link to Lensrental’s blog...


I have an early copy too (love it BTW), so fingers crossed!


I have a most recent run as there was about a 5 month lapse in production of this model. I hope to have dodged the bullet on whatever may have been a bad run of lens elements that were a bit more prone towards this issue. However if one never drops or continually ships their lens it's a near not gonna happen chance of this issue happening. If you read the article it was with early production lenses, and it happened to 4 of well over a thousand that were shipped many times all over the place. Frankly the likelihood of that happening in those kinds of numbers is already reasonably high. Ever watch how UPS or FedX often handle ground shipments? They are thrashed through a conveyer system and thrown on and off planes or trucks daily. I don't care how you pack something, it's going to be subject to significant G forces at that point. That's assuming it's not getting literally kicked off a truck as we've all seen on some Youtube video's in the past.

The dealer I got mine from had a large multi lens package come from Canon to him, then he wrapped the entire lens box in multiple layers of bubble wrap, and sent it "next day" delivery which is handled considerably nicer in the first place. It got to me without so much as a smudge on the box, just the way I like it. I learned a long time ago this is the best way to send sensitive equipment. It has served me well now for nearly 20 years of purchasing.

If you don’t understand what the actual cause of the problem is you can’t really know any of this.  I agree that it seems unlikely that anyone would experience this problem but at the same time I think it’s foolish to just dismiss it.

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