One camera. One lens. One year.

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Re: One camera. One lens. One year.

I'm on Month 6+2 (took a break for a few weeks) of 1 camera 1 lens 1 year myself with the X100V so I'ma chime in with some constructive criticism

One focal length (prime lens) is so much more interesting than one zoom lens. The idea is that you start to pay more attention to shooting rather than relying on bokeh or different focal lengths and find unexpected compositions. You smack up against the limitations of the lens and embrace them.

It simplifies the challenge as well - one focal length, shoot whatever you want! But if you like the categorical aspect, maybe you could add groupings like "wide-angle," "normal," and "telephoto" and see what people do with that. I'd love to see how people shoot wildlife with wide-angle and normal views...

Some of the other prohibitions seem a bit arbitrary as well. No physical filters but "small" Lightroom adjustments are allowed? You can't use a polarizer but you can use a contrast slider? Physical filters add creativity and help you get more out of your prime lens. I just bought a macro filter for my X100V - gonna try some 35mm macro photography! I also have some landscape filters in my Amazon shopping cart...Filters make one lens much more bearable!

I'd suggest sticking to the original 1 prime lens nature of the contest. It's been a huge challenge but I've definitely seen my work improve. Not sure I'll make it the full year as I'm just doing it for me but I might if you guys decide to join me!

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