Lightroom auto white balance

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Re: Lightroom auto white balance

JoachimStrobel wrote:

My camera does a quick SRGB picture from the sensor data for the screen and the EVF and then does a WB on that.

no, WB calculation is a part of raw conversion that you camera does to display you an image in EVF and on LCD....

Or does it use the full sensors color range?

camera's firmware calculates WB using raw data + it knows CFA spectral properties and possibly analyzing the scene to detect objects like sky, grass, etc and making an educated guess about possible source of illumination too in auto modes

How? In LR, is WB computed on ProPhoto?

no - Adobe DNG specification has the description

Or is color space irrelevant for the WP?

destination (output) color space during raw conversions is irrelevant for automatic WB calculations

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