Lightroom auto white balance

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Re: Lightroom auto white balance

JoachimStrobel wrote:

I process with DXO and use dehaze there and do increase vibrancy often and reimport into LR. That changes the WP from the original Photo. LR Auto is too warm or too yellow. The eyewhite is my best option in most cases, teeth works only for young people.

Besides, I confess I never understood that. My camera does a quick SRGB picture from the sensor data for the screen and the EVF and then does a WB on that. Or does it use the full sensors color range? How? In LR, is WB computed on ProPhoto? Or is color space irrelevant for the WP?

I imagine only those who work for Adobe know and they will not say.

All of us have to do the best with the tools we have and when they fail us automatically, we can fiddle about with the WB probe to get a result we find pleasing.Luckily we are not flying aircraft, when failing automatic systems can be fatal

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