Sadly, It Happened Again

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Re: Sadly, It Happened Again

SW Anderson wrote:

At about $1,000 new with kit zoom, one would hope no hassle. I wonder if any person or outfit has done a teardown examination of

I don't like to sound so negative, but once burned twice shy. I have an elderly Oly E-PL1 and a time-tested Panasonic G3. Both cameras and their lenses work as well as when new.

I have a couple of V!'s and J1's and a V2, plus several lenses. I've avoided using them in part because I don't want to discover another lens has gone bad or a body has problems. Those are the only cameras I feel that way about. Maybe Nikon's latest models will be paragons of reliability and durability. I hope so for all the people putting their money and faith in them. The new ones have great ergonomics and IQ, though. And, they're very good looking.

My experiences and thoughts are aligned with yours. I am almost afraid to use 1 Nikkor lenses out of fear that they will break, as has happened with this lens (twice) and my 10-30. My other three lenses (6.7-13, 10, and 18.5) have had (so far, fingers crossed) no issues.

By comparison, my Nikon, Tamron, and Sigma F-mount lenses have always worked.

I think that the unreliability of the 1 Nikkor lenses was one reason that Nikon ultimately cancelled the system. (The Nikon 1 system was introduced at around the same time Nikon was having QA and QC issues with cameras like the D600, D800, and D750.) Which is too bad. I liked the Nikon 1 system because it had a fun factor lacking in the more serious Nikon cameras. The Z 50 is supposed to be similar in that regard. I just hope that it and the Z-mount lenses are reliable like the F-mount cameras and lenses.

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