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KrampusClaus wrote:

45miles is not likely at all, unless some lab non real setup, for some cell phone frequencies are simply too high of a frequence, surely any of the higher freqs will NEVER be able to go that far even with a 100w amp and high gain xmiter !!

especially 'real' 5G (~9ghz) except possibly new spectrum just bidded on recently, but orig 5G was line of sight and some not even a few blocks !

i honestly think for most of us, either a s/w update or nothing.

ps: funny a drone more dangerous than a gun, odd how silly real life is.

A drone can carry explosives. It could cause traffic accidents, airplane accidents. It has the "potential" to be far more dangerous. The idea is to try to stop any of that before it becomes a reality.

And maybe, with regard to safety vs guns, it's an exercise in discipline. When you come to a 4 way stop on a country road, and no one is present, do you still obey the traffic sign? A lot of people in this country don't. Thats got nothing to do with government. It's a statement about the driver of the car.

My premise was that including a 4G or 5G board on a drone, when flying 25-400ft, would get a better signal then standing on the ground in most places. People have reported up 50 miles from an elevated position, like a mountain top. it just seemed like a more practical solution, using tech that is already commonplace, and doesnt require much weight or battery to function. And maybe the signal would be a beacon, that didnt require a constant connection, just a signal every 15s to a tower.

It just seems like cellular tech already has the very lightweight GPS, transmit and broadcast capabilities. It's hard to find aircraft transponder tech that weighs less then 500g. (1 Lb)  A Mavic max's out payload after 400g. Whatever gets utilized cant weigh more then the circuit + board itself. In Scrap Metal Forums, someone said a flip phone board might weigh something like 12 grams.

Or, they could re-purpose pager tech. Those can have a 25 mile range, make use of FM, VHF, 400 MHz UHF, and 900 MHz bands, and can have 2-way capability in a small configuration.

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