Non WR lens on WR camera

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Re: Non WR lens on WR camera

Peter3579 wrote:

I should know the answer to this but realise I don't.

Am I correct in assuming that using a non weather-resistant lens on a weather-resistant camera in wet conditions puts both the lens and camera at risk?

I am specifically thinking of the Z50 with the 16-50 Z lens.

When this Covid madness ends I'm planning to try my hand at street.

The short answer is yes; a non-WR lens will not have a gasket that seals to the camera's metal lens mount, so this could enable water, dust, or any other small debris to enter the camera.

The longer answer is researching whether the Z50 is actually "weather resistant" and to what degree. A quick google search will point to many statements of weather resistance, but I'm not sure if Nikon has claimed it anywhere. If you are going to be fairly dependent on some level of WR, then it would be best to use gear that is actually stated to have WR. In general, non-WR gear can be used in less-than-ideal conditions, if proper care is taken. Unfortunately though it can only take one failure experience to make one regret their decision.

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