200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

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Re: 200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

Well, I must confess I have not purchased the 200-500, for anyone considering these lenses. My reason is the slow focusing. When I posted this question I hadn't realized how much I need snappy fast focusing solution. I also need more, not less, reach but in a zoom scenario.

Bruce, I think both you and Leonard might have mentioned the 150-600S or C Sigma.

I was reading about those two lenses, but that dock and some examples by I think you Leonard, of your teddy bear, and some others were giving me pause.

I understand the Sigma and Tamaron lenses have come a long way. Sigmas I guess is it 2016 Art era and beyond?

But the complexity of the dock scares me, as I am really one big idiot when it comes to refining things, and one more interface is a big turnoff.

I can't swing 3500 for the 500, and remember my biddy Jose had a Canon 500 we had to out on a tripod and it was a PITA. Now, the PF is smaller, I think like the 70-200 2.8, but the focal length for me needs to zoom.

I hear mixed reviews about the 80-400 at 400, and the 200-400 at 400, and I can't get close to golfers as they are often a miserable lot who will blame you for their lousy play lol.

I wish the 200-500 had a better AF/MOTOR.

There must be a lot of us who 'wish' for what we can't have.

I manage to get the focusing to work with my cheesy 70-300. It is not the P version. I wanted that 500 reach, but the inability to focus quickly is tough. Golfers are static, then move like fast. I am shooting continuously. The D500 is a fantasy cam for me.

I did read somewhere the Z6ii helps with better long end focus. I have no idea how. I thought a lens is a lens regardless of the body.

I wonder if the 150-600 is better than the 70-300 Nikon, and if the dock is mandatory?

Wish I could just live with the 200-500. Remember sideline sports shooters saying that it was fine. They are staying by a field that doesn't move. I'm speeding around on a cart over 18 holes, and moving between shots to get the sun behind me, out of their way or line of sight, and often shade makes it an almost low light situation, which I believe the 200-500 struggles to lock on the subject as light diminishes.

Is why I haven't pulled the trigger. I have a little bit saved for updating my kit so really want to do it right. The Zs I am not sure I want the TV screen in my view finder. I've looked in them a the store. Wasn't horrid, but I used to put a loop on ground glass!

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