Help a newbie choose my first non-kit lens

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Help a newbie choose my first non-kit lens

Hey all! I'm new to photography and absolutely loving it. Ready to move beyond the kit lens included with my a7c. I'm choosing between two setups, here are my use-cases:

1) Lots of street food photography, especially in low-light

2) Documentary-style short videos of local chefs and restaurants, shot with gimbal

3) Going on a 3-month road trip through the national parks of the American West, need something for landscapes and astral

So, I'm looking for something that has a relatively wide aperture, goes to at least 24mm wide for video and landscapes, and is relatively light for my street and gimbal video work. Which should I go for? Other is there something else I should look at?

Get a Sony 24mm 1.4G Prime AND Tamron 28-75 2.8
33.3% 3  votes
Get the Sigma 24-70 Art 2.8
44.4% 4  votes
22.2% 2  votes
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