Need advice/help with transaction, lessons for others as well.

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Re: Need advice/help with transaction, lessons for others as well.

So sorry to hear your complication and problems in this supposedly simple transaction. While I do not have a good solution for the Paypal refund, I would like to share my recent experience with USPS. I bought a lens on eBay on December 19, paid immediately, and received a USPS shipping tracking number on Dec. 21 with a delivery date of Dec. 24. I checked it everyday and found it being stuck "in transit" forever. A couple weeks and several message exchanges with the seller later, I was informed that USPS put the package in a wrong bucket and that it was being rerouted to my location. Two weeks later I still did not see the package nor an update to the USPS tracking (still showed "in transit"). I exchanged messages with the seller again and was told that it would be delivered eventually and I just needed to be more patient. The package finally showed up on January 22.

My wife still has several shipments stuck since September. In my next camera purchase specifically asked the seller to avoid USPS and the package arrived within 3 days. I would, therefore, continue to avoid USPS for now as the firing of 10,000 postal workers last year has had and would continue to have quite a negative impact on its services.

My advice to you is that you might want to give the USPS a little more time to sort this out before taking any actions, if Dennis is agreeable to this. Hope this helps.

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