Downgrading from a7iii

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Downgrading from a7iii

Hi folks.

I’m not normally one for asking advice on such matters as “what should I buy”, as it’s such a subjective thing, however my current quandary is slightly different and I’m struggling to find answers from the specific perspective I need to approach it.

Basically For the last 2 years I’ve been using a Sony a7iii, and it’s pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted in a camera, and after years of canon dslrs, then a micro 4/3 system, I’ve actually felt enthusiasm and enjoyment from photography again.

However, I’ve recently hit some financial issues (as have so many others) and need to raise funds quickly, and unfortunately the quickest and easiest way is to sell off my camera gear.

As this is a temporary measure, my plan is to eventually build the collection back up, and so I’m keeping a couple of lenses that aren’t worth much or would be hard to replace, with buying either another a7iii or it’s successor at some point in the future in mind.

But in the meantime, I need a cheaper camera to keep me going (I would just go without completely, but the thought of missing photos of my kids in that time fills me with dread).

Now obviously the cheaper the better, but I’ve come to the realisation that certain features I’ve gotten used to are going to be too hard to give up - some kind of eye-af for example.

So the 2 routes I’m thinking are either just do a straight downgrade to one of the older A7 models, which I can then just sell and put towards the replacement, or pick up an aps-c body, which I could potentially end up keeping as a compliment to it.

I borrowed a friend’s A7 recently, but found it a bit frustrating to use, and so many shots were either out of focus or just looked soft in general, despite using my own lenses that I know are good.

I’m now wondering if an a7ii would bridge the gap enough or if it’s closer in performance to the A7 than A7iii ?

And in terms of aps-c, the only Sony model that represents a real budget option is the a6000 at around £280 used, but again, I’m not sure if that’s going to feel like too much of a step down?

Alternatively the specs on all the other available a6XXX models look much better, but I can’t see anything for less than double the price of the a6000, which then gets me into a7ii territory. And it might well be that some of those actually perform better than an a7ii, but that brings me into another issue, which is that the temptation would be to pick up some aps-c lenses to go with them, as my remaining selection of FF lenses would leave a few gaps on an aps-c body.

The same goes for Fujifilm as an option - some of the cameras look lovey, but it just means buying into an whole new system, and at least with Sony I can mix and match lenses at least a little bit.

So yeah, if anyone with experience of some of these cameras could offer some advice, or maybe some other alternative options I may be missing?

Anticipating the questions - at the moment I am mostly just taking photos of my (very young) children, so that’s the main consideration really.

The lenses I’m keeping hold of, are the FE 28 f2, (sigma mc-11) canon 40 f2.8, canon 70-200 f4, and Samyang 135 f2, and a load of old vintage manual lenses.

And prior to selling them, my most used lenses were probably 24 f1.4, 55 f1.8, 85 f1.8 and tamron 28-75 when travelling.

TL:DR - I guess I’m looking for cheapest camera/system that compromises least on performance coming from an a7iii, in terms of responsiveness and image quality.

Sony a6000 Sony a7
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