Focusable LCD?

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John Sheehy Forum Pro • Posts: 24,346
Re: Focusable LCD?

Clickalot wrote:

Has anyone ever heard of such? I suppose it would have to be a moveable flat lens (fresnel?) the same size as the LCD.

I'd love to use my LCD for indoor pix but without 3X readers it's just moosh to me so I rely exclusively on my diopter-adjustable EVF.

I despise the inevitable Crisco applique to which LCDs are subject but they're easier to clean than EVF eyepieces.

Any magnification device like a Fresnel that sits on the LCD can not possibly show you the entire frame; it can only magnify a small part of the LCD, and not with any kind of visual quality.

What you probably want is a loupe device that attaches to the LCD, and magnifies the entire frame.  They can be stuck-on or held in place by a bracket.  They may interfere with access with camera buttons that are very close to the LCD.

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