Sadly, It Happened Again

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Re: Sadly, It Happened Again

SW Anderson wrote:

rich_cx139 wrote:

sorry to hear that

maybe time for the z50 as you suggest. At least no hassle.

At about $1,000 new with kit zoom, one would hope no hassle. I wonder if any person or outfit has done a teardown examination of the Z50 or any of Nikon's Z cameras. It would be reassuring to know there aren't any nasty future surprises under the hood.

I guess I will find out; I have one now with the 16-50 and as good as the lens is optically, it feels like a toy! We shall see.

I don't like to sound so negative, but once burned twice shy. I have an elderly Oly E-PL1 and a time-tested Panasonic G3. Both cameras and their lenses work as well as when new.

You might try and ask for a quote ? He has sourced some metal gears for the aperture mechanism.

I think I may leave my 30-110’s and 10-30 non pd on one side and just use my repaired 10-100 now.


I have a couple of V!'s and J1's and a V2, plus several lenses. I've avoided using them in part because I don't want to discover another lens has gone bad or a body has problems. Those are the only cameras I feel that way about. Maybe Nikon's latest models will be paragons of reliability and durability. I hope so for all the people putting their money and faith in them. The new ones have great ergonomics and IQ, though. And, they're very good looking.

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