Fuji X-T2 "Still Relevant in 2021"

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Fuji X-T2 "Still Relevant in 2021"

- as some YouTubers would put it. I had "moved up" from the X-T2 to the X-H1 – which, in turn, I sold in order to help defray the purchase of the X-T4. It became apparent that I needed another body to take to work with me to use at my product-photography job, as a sort of "beater" for that purpose, but which I could also rely upon as a back-up to the X-T4 or use as a second camera in shooting video. I found one in great condition for $600, tax and shipping included (Roberts/UsedProPhoto absolutely rocks).

Between the X-T2 and the X-T4, the X-T3 seems redundant. One wants to ask it, "Why are you still hanging around at new-retail price, when the X-H1 was treated like a foster kid?" Compared with the X-T4, the X-T2 is "lacking" some features, but for how I'm using the latter, they're either not missed or I can work around them (i.e., 1/50 shutter speed, not 1/48, for 24fps video; I know what I'm in for with the smaller-capacity battery; the situation allows incomplete redundancy between the two SD cards).

There is one glaring preference that I have of the X-T2 over the X-T4: the two-way tilting screen, instead of the "flippy" screen. The X-T2's screen configuration is so much more appropriate for product photography and for candid shooting. The X-T4's "flippy" screen is prone to breakage at the joint (ever worked in camera repair?) and is unwieldy and cumbersome, taking too long to set for a shot in some cases. That Fuji had let the vocal minority of vloggers dictate product design was stupid, flouting their own ingenuity demonstrated in the design of the two-way tilting screen on previous models. The narcissism of people who just have to capture images of themselves – or, just of YouTubers in general – should not be enabled. (Suggestion to camera manufacturers: modular, replaceable screen assemblies of different configurations.)

To me , the X-T2 was Fuji's "sweet-spot" camera. There doesn't seem anything awkwardly intermediary or developmental about it, as opposed to the X-H1, X-T3, or even the X-T4 (which I hope gets upgraded by firmware in ways that I'd like).

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