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adonetok wrote:

I use Canon 90D and most time is for birding.

I always set file as RAW only.

1) If one picture style should select for most time birding, which one should I select?

a) Standard,

b) Neutral,

c) Landscape

2) Do I need to adjust parameters for above selection?

Adobe Lightroom (your software) won't care about Picture Style settings for raw files. In fact, LR assigns its own color profile by default.

But that does not mean that Pictures Styles are worthless. For starters, your Picture Style settings determine what you see on your LCD. If I know, for example, that my final output is going to be monochrome (B&W), then I may select a monochrome picture style so that I can see my LCD previews in B&W, too. The raw files will still be in color, of course, but then they can be adjusted with a bit more nuance in LR.

Another reason to pay attention to Picture Styles is because those settings will be baked into your video capture files. If you intend to shoot video and don't wish to do a lot of editing, then you'll need to get your settings right in-camera, including both Picture Styles and white balance. If you intend to tweak your picture later in editing, then you'll want to use very neutral and flat Picture Style settings, such as Neutral. (And even then it is recommended to lower contrast and saturation in the PS settings so that they can be more effectively tweaked in post.)

Before I did much video capture, I shot only raw files and didn't worry about Picture Styles. If you don't shoot video, you won't need to, either.

Good  luck

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