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Re: My 1999 digicam auto WB was fairly good

Joachim B wrote:

Then again, what do you qualify als 'good'? Is that correct whitebalance by the numbers, of is it something you personally find fitting? And how wel is your setup calibrated to show colour?

Color is a very subjective thing. That what feels 'correct' for you, isn't necessarily correct for someone else.

Could you post some pictures here, and state which ones have correct and incorrect WB in your opinion?

I cannot see how RAW data can show the tonal balance of the picture. I think it has to be decoded and then assessed.The sensor itself is not 3 colour. It just has a 3 colour grid, so it seems that the apportioning of colour is statistical and I imagine the white balance is also

In the darkroom days I used a colour analyser, that used a diffuser in front of the lens to average the light (blurred to greyscale). The light was then read for each colour and the colour balance of the enlarger was adjusted either using the CMY filters in the colour head or by using combinations of filters. To do this one had to calibrate the printing paper and then apply that calibration to the colour analyser. This worked as a starting point, but each picture usually needed further adjustment, just like it does in software. At least in software you do not waste a huge amount of paper and chemicals to achieve a neutral balance print

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