Wedding reception light setup

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Re: Wedding reception light setup

Beni9 wrote:


I have been using speedlight off camera and on camera for wedding reception but at times i have come across venue which is v dark and need to be lit properly and and I want to upgrade to a more reliable and consistent flash system.
I am a canon user, please share your experience.
I have been using Yougnou speedlight but now as my work grow i need a more reliable one.

P.S I am thinking of GODOX v1 on camera and Godox AD200 off camera. I need advise on strobe light as I will be using it outdoor as well for AD600 should i consider or 2 AD200 would do the same thing?

Also what about profoto strobe lights? but i want a setup which integrates seamlessly.



You might do better by requesting the moderator move your post to the Studio and Lighting Technique forum. There will be more experience people there who can help.

Good luck!

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