Lenses for M6 mark II wide end

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Re: Lenses for M6 mark II wide end

Fast_Larry wrote:

Dareshooter wrote:

I agree. I have that lens too and have used all the Canon EF-M lenses except the 32 MM and I can honestly say that it is better than the 18-55 and 15-45 mm ( not unexpected in the case of the latter ) and is as good as the 11-22.Not quite as good as the 22 and 28mm which is to be expected but the differences are negligible. L lenses might be better but the trade off beteen weight,bulk and price vs the convenience and versatility of the 18-150,is a no brainer IMHO.

The 15-45mm has gotten sort of a bad rap... I too thought it wasn't very good, but on giving it a second chance - using it and testing it quite a bit, it turns out to be a very good lens, if you have a good copy of it (mine is). In my case I was originally using it with all the lens corrections 'on' in camera, and DPP would apply them... after that I just couldn't get a good image out of it. The corrections apparently were applying all sort of who-knows what processing including oversharpening and smearing of detail correcting chromatic aberration I think, destroying a lot of the detail.

When I used it with all corrections turned off in camera, minimum sharpness settings, and using something OTHER than Canon DPP, it turns out to be an excellent performer. Sharp almost to the edges even wide open, by f5.6 - f8 uniformly excellent across the frame. About as good as my Canon EF-S 10-18mm IS STM at 18mm, and noticeably better than my EF-S 18-135mm IS STM around 18mm.

Here's a shot I took tonight with the EF-M 15-45mm at 17mm, at f8. Perspective corrected slightly, cropped to 16:9 plus trimmed off about 5% more off the width, downsized to 4k, Minimal sharpening on it after that. Contrast, gamma, saturation adjusted. This was a 1/8s exposure hand-held using electronic shutter, thank goodness for lens IS!!

Canon M6 Mk II, EF-M 15-45mm f3.5-6.3 at 17mm, f8, ISO 100, daylight balance, 1/8 s hand-held with IS, electronic shutter

Great shot Larry you are one of the fortunate ones too a get a decent copy it seems . I did give the 15-45 more than a second chance,in fact I tried three, two were lousy and the third one was diabolical so I gave up. Shame as it was a lens I wanted to like. I've owned and used many lenses over the past thirty years and apart from an iffy Canon 17-85 these are the only lenses that I've had to return to the dealer.

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