Scanning negative films (35 and 120)

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Re: Scanning negative films (35 and 120)

I formally was an advocate of service scanning and/or flatbed, but have given up on that.

I'd suggest starting with a DSLR or mirrorless and macro. For the bigger negs you can stitch. And they might benefit from a camera that does pixel shift shooting as well. A good macro lens obviously helps. But maybe you have that? if not, rentable. If you like it, might be worth it just to buy the camera and lens used (like the Keeper program at Lens Rental). You probably have a tripod and even something to use as a light table.

Thing it, it gives you a lot of control and it's fast. Especially if you tether. You can vary shooting techniques to make sure you get it right, and it still takes a lot less time than scanning.

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