Need advice/help with transaction, lessons for others as well.

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Re: Need advice/help with transaction, lessons for others as well.

guitarjeff wrote:


Forum member Porschebeach and I attempted a transaction that has gone crazy. We need advice and maybe others can learn some precautions to take here when selling and buying. I am a long time member who has several deals that went great in the past. Dennis has been a member since last year and I believe him to be honest as well.

So here is the story.

Sold my Fuji 18-55 to Dennis here on this forum. He paid using Paypal transaction. I packed my lens well, bubble wrap and made sure it was secure, no moving around in the box. I copied his address from his PM, then went to Paypal and the transaction to confirm he had not made a mistake and his Paypal address was the exact same. I copied that to my yellow notes on my phone so I knew it was exactly as he typed it.

I go to the post office, I make out the priority mail stage and I told the clerk I was worried about my writing but she said she could read it fine, then she held out her electronic board to let me confirm she got it right and she had it correct, I matched it on my yellow notes app. I insured for 200 dollars, I sold it to Dennis for 210 so I could get some help on the shipping.

So, never having a problem with priority mail, I go back home and make my next lens purchase, and I use Paypal to avoid having to sign up another card with Ebay, but of course I had the money for it on my card and I of course knew to make sure and keep enough to refund Dennis on my debit card just in case anything went wrong.

WELL LOW AND BEHOLD. The package goes out for delivery to Dennis, his mail carrier obviously got the package, and Dennis emails me and says there is an exception and I check and sure enough, the tracking says there is INCOMPLETE address. return to sender. Strange, I verified the address was correct, and the clerk got it correct so just doing the scanning thing should show the proper address even if the physical address on the box got messed up. I was stunned. But, I had signed up for email tracking updates and THEY STOPPED, the package went missing. I filed a find thing on the post office site and a couple days later I finally get one saying the package was being returned.

Now, I keep getting these same email tracking things. I'll copy one here.


Hello Jeff Stewart,

Your package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility."

Then I get this email last night from the Texas post office.

Dear Jeffrey Stewart,

This is in response to your inquiry regarding the delivery of a package. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.

The Postal Service is aware of the frustration and disappointment caused when we do not live up to our commitment of safe and reliable mail service.

I researched your package inquiry, and our system shows the package is being returned to you. The package made it to the Dallas distribution center on 1/17/2021. You can keep track of the package by going to, to track the package.

An apology is no substitute for good service, but I want to offer one on behalf of the Postal Service. We appreciate your reporting this matter to us. It helps to know the kinds of difficulties our customers have so we can work toward improvements. The information you have provided will be shared with management as they continue their efforts to improve service performance in your area.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this matter with you. If you have any questions, please contact me.


Chanda Cole

Supervisor Customer Services

But all I get are the tracking that just say it will be late but it's on the way, no locations of the package.

Dennis has been understanding. We have been waiting for over a week and if the package comes back I can check the lens, make sure it's good to go and resend it.

So Dennis ask me today by text if I have any update, though I had added him to get emails also on the tracking. He thinks it may be lost in a loop or something.

So I tell him, no need in you having to go through this, I'll just go to Paypal and do you a refund and just wait for the lens to come home and ill file my insurance claim if it is broken or if I never get it at all. He said that would be great.

I go to Paypal and choose to refund and it says I don't have the funds to refund, I thought it would allow me to just send the refund from my debit card and the case would be closed and then I would handle the rest. But no, it won't let me give him a refund because it won't just take the money off the card, it has to be in my Paypal account.

I figure, alright, so, like an idiot I do a google search for a Paypal customer service DO NOT EVER DO THIS. Some guy answered fast and wanted me to download an app to my phone that would allow him to take control of it. OMG. I couldn't figure it out and then he wanted me to go WITH HIM ON THE PHONE to my nere by Dollar Gen store and buy a Google card and put 200 on it and he would help me get it up to my Paypal account. I finally hung up on him, he kept trying to call me back, he even threatened to suspend my Paypal account for 90 days if I didn't do what he said. When he tried that I knew then that no way Paypal would threaten me like that. So I hung up, looked it up on the Paypal forum and sure enough, others have been ripped off just like this. Thank God I didn't go through with this.

So anyway, I have the money on my debit to refund Dennis, but if I refund him just sending a normal paypal payment, I can use my card for that, then I will be stuck with an outstanding Paypal transaction and they could come back in a moth and just EXTRACT 200 dollars off my card and I would be screwed.

I asked Dennis to see if he could cancel the Paypal transaction as delivered and then I would just send the money to him, and I would be stuck with all the fees of sending him money plus whatever fees Paypal would charge me on the original deal. I could be out 30 dollars or so.

But as he should, Dennis doesn't want to just cancel the deal as delivered because he would then be having to hope I would send the money back. I could rip him off (Though I think he knows I wouldn't), but in that case I would have a bunch of fees to pay. And of course, I can't just send him his money and leave an open transaction that could cause me to lose 200.

So I can't use my debit to add money to my Paypal, I don't have a bank account, I use greendot. They used to let me put money on my Paypal with a moneypack card, but they no longer allow this.

So the only last thing I can think of is to have Dennis just file for a refund through Paypal and maybe in that case they will just extract it from my card, which is what I want, and they would close the transaction.

I am sure Dennis is honest but of course all kinds of things run through your mind, did he really get the lens, fill the box with some rocks and mess u the address and take it back to the post office? Of course I don't believe this for a second, besides, had it been delivered they would have scanned it in and it would have tracked as delivered, so I know his mail man actually had it out for delivery and he should have been able to just scan it to see the right address.

Now, it is SUPPOSEDLY on it's way back to me but the trajing never says where, and how do I know that Dennis, who has my email and such isn't the one sending these emails to me? (again, I don't believe this at all and I will of course tell Dennis to come read this post) He has been patient and I want to give him his refund, I will not spend it so Dennis, we will figure this out, your money is safe and I will figure a way to get it back to you.

I don't blame Dennis for not wanting to close the transaction on Paypal because he would then have to trust that I would send it back to him and not rip him off, and as I said, I would then be stuck for fees too because Paypal would think the transaction went through and he got his lens.

So I will ask Dennis to just file through Paypal for his refund and hopefully they will then just take the money off my debit, which would be fine, and they would close the case, and then I would just have to deal with filing for my insurance or I may get the lens back with no damage and that would be fine too as I can get 250 out of it on Ebay.

So I will have Dennis read this post and I am hoping others may have some advice as well, and also I will have final advice to other sellers, like TAKE A PIC of your package at the post office before you hand it over and show the buyer the address and a pic of the package. Dennis could have seen that the address was correct. Now when I get it back, IF I get it back, I will post a pic of the package here and of course to Dennis as well. I already sent him a pic of my receipt showing it was insured and that it was sent out.

So any advice would be welcome.

So, why don't you simply use your debit or credit card, put $210.00 back on your Paypal account, and return the money to Dennis?

Once you get the lens back if Dennis still wants it you can start the process over again.

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