Help with syncing photos between iPhone and iPad

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Re: Help with syncing photos between iPhone and iPad

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Yes, that's your problem. Syncing from iTunes is a local syncing option only and does disable iCloud syncing, they are completely exclusive systems. That's how it's supposed to work. Likewise, if you enable iCloud syncing, then it disables the local syncing in iTunes.

Yep, this is the case. And it's fine if you like iCloud which I don't. Nor does anyone else in my family including my daughter who is a professional news videographer that has used MacOS and iOS her entire life

That's also a no-no, PhotoStream has been replaced by iCloud Photos now, and should no longer be used.

If you want to sync everything across devices your should only use the iCloud Photos system.

PhotoStream is still there as an option under iCloud Photos as of iOS 14.3.

Have you installed the Apple iCloud app for Windows?

Yeah, I do use that for other things.

See above. Plus, a little patience, cloud sync systems are generally slower than you'd like, if you have a large collection to sync, it can take days to complete the process. My 580GB library (about 60,000 images) took about a week to completely upload (80Gbps down 20Gbps up Fibre broadband). It'll then 'curate' them into various collections (people, memories, places etc.), but you can work on them while that's going on.

Yep. I have 70,000 RAW images and many more JPEGs. And terabytes of video. I don't particularly want it in the cloud. Nor do I wish to pay for TB of cloud storage, wait forever to sync, or consume a ton of network bandwidth.

And I have no interest in putting all that on my iDevices. Nor do I ever edit photos on my iDevices.

iTunes sync gets the small collection of keepers onto my iDevices just fine.

I only need to share new images on my iPhone camera roll with the iPad. AirDrop seems to be the easiest way to do that even with a manual copy (versus an automatic sync that I hoped for).

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