Wifi on 5dmkIV totally unstable - assistance needed

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Re: Wifi on 5dmkIV totally unstable - assistance needed

Leica Eye wrote:

mmarian wrote:

I find the implementation of WiFi on this camera cumbersome and confusing. I only use it for connecting to my smartphone for remote control but to set it up first time is a headache and then to try to use it when really needed on location can be a frustrating experience. The steps must be taken in a specific order and even then the ability of the Canon App to establish connection with the camera is unreliable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Not sure if the camera WiFi has anything to do with it or if it is the Canon App itself...

The Leica FOTOS app was as clunky as hell & very intermittent, as I have said before, Delete the App, reboot and ReInstall.. Reset Camera.. These actions cured both my Leica D-Lux 7 and Canon 90D with their WiFi connection issues... L

I have done all of that but it does not seem to make the system 100% reliable. I do not use it often, only when shooting in very tight spaces, such as interior shots of a small bathroom with mirrors and I have nowhere to hide I use the remote control to set up the angle of the shot with camera on tripod so close in the corner that I can not see the camera display in LV. Then step out from the room and trigger the shutter remotely using the App. That is about all when I need it. But to see my client standing right next to me watching me struggling with the system can be embarasing and frustrating.

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