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Re: Macro with UWA?

MightyMike wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

Nice shooting, I have the Venus 15mm F4.0 1:1 Macro+Shift, here is a gallery from my last outing with it (note the lighting is special and not a property of the lens)

The lighting really makes some of those - love the "home made death ray" description.

I'm curious because I've been tempted by that lens a couple of times - the specs say the shift is only for APS-C cameras - have you used it on the K1 ? Does it run out of image circle ?

I personally wouldn't buy this lens for the shift ability, yes it runs out of image circle on FF when shifted it also has complex distortion. What I like to use is the Venus 12mm F2.8 Zero Distortion lens and then do perspective correction in post, you just have to note that when shooting upward compose for the subject to be low in the frame and the opposite for downward so that you don't run out of frame when correcting the perspective.

Mike, I really like your UWA close-ups and DIY Lighting system. Impressive work.

I'm also interested in UWA macro photography, recently. That’s why I ordered this dirty cheap UWA macro lens. ..Maybe almost the same lens than Venus 15mm F4.0 (but without shift), :

Opteka 15/4 1:1 macro, I paid 110$ for it...Now I'm waiting for the package to come ...So it remains to be seen how poor  - or maybe even good it is ...



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