Curious about why Mirrorless

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Re: Curious about why Mirrorless

1st you need to decide why you want FF. if you want less noise at high ISO and shallower DOF then FF is what you want but if noise and DOF from APS-c is fine for you then you do not need FF or the increase in size.

definitely looking for better low light performance. Number one reason. 
I’ve had an AE-2, Elan ll, and got the Digital Rebel when it came out. I wasn’t crazy about the crop sensor from the git go. I didn’t like to have to do math to figure out the actual field of view.

I'm planning on getting the RP, the kit lens and maybe the 50mm 1.8. Hopefully find an adapter for the few full frame lenses I have. That way, I'm still pretty small but have the ability to use other lenses as needed.

For example, hopefully someday I'll get to go to Israel again, and I ordered a used Tokina 16-28 2.8 for inside shots in tight spots. The lens looks like a beast, but I'll leave it in the bus if there's no need for it.

you are braver than me if you would leave a lens on a bus

On these trips the bus is like a second home. Everyone leaves their stuff in while we are on site. The bus driver locks the bus and watches it.

but the kit lens on the RP is wider than your 16-28 and has the same shallow DOF at the short end FF equivalent to 16mm is 25 or just saved yourself some weight

Not sure I follow? The 16-28 is constant 2.8, I’m looking at the cheapie kit lens that starts at f4. I’m thinking I’ll want towards the wide end of the 16-28 anyway.

But for portability and general use, use the 50. Heck back in the 70's, all I had for my AE-1 was the 50, a 28, and 135 telephoto. And was perfectly happy!

i think an RP with the 24-105 and a prime like the 50 or 35 theirs is not much you can't do and will fill a very tiny camera bag ..the RP and kit lens at 105 mm will crop way past your AE-1 and 135mm prime on film .

I’m looking forward to putting together a travel size full frame kit. I considered Sony, cause technically I need new lenses anyway, but I’m a Canon girl ( old lady actually!) at heart, familiar with their menu system and just feel at home with Canon. Plus the price is right.  
If nothing else, I assume it’s a step up from my 60D and M50.

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