Curious about why Mirrorless

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Re: Curious about why Mirrorless

I'm planning on getting the RP, the kit lens and maybe the 50mm 1.8.

How about the RF 35mm f/1.8?

it’s on the list

Hopefully find an adapter for the few full frame lenses I have.

What full frame lenses do you already have?

not a ton

Canon 135 L 2.0, Tamron 70-300 VC 4-5.6, old old old Canon 80-200 that I affectionately call my pocket rocket ( actually I think that’s it’s moniker) that I love because it’s tiny for a telephoto, typical nifty fifty that I’ll probably sell if I get the rf, and an old kit lens for my Elan ll. In other words I tended to buy for my crop sensor.

I’m planning on selling most of my crop lenses, just keep the ones my husband might use someday. I’ve never been one to sell old equipment, but if I truly move to full frame, it’s time to clear the junk.

That way, I'm still pretty small but have the ability to use other lenses as needed.

For example, hopefully someday I'll get to go to Israel again, and I ordered a used Tokina 16-28 2.8 for inside shots in tight spots. The lens looks like a beast, but I'll leave it in the bus if there's no need for it. But for portability and general use, use the 50. Heck back in the 70's, all I had for my AE-1 was the 50, a 28, and 135 telephoto. And was perfectly happy!

You might have a look at the EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM if that's your focal length. I have the 24mm version, and although an adapter is needed, it's still not a heavy bulky combo. And it has IS. Used ones can be affordable too.

I also excited to see what else Canon and 3rd party companies come up with in the future. I’m not going to go gang busters buying lenses right away. 
I know I need a all purpose lens, kit/50mm. Low light, wide low light, 59mm, 16-28mm, and telephoto. Fill in as needed. It’s been fun planning and researching lenses!


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I love 50mm (equivalence)

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